Sunday, October 2, 2011

We've been BUSY! Whew!

Well, First I must apologize to ANYONE that follows my blog, because there just hasn't been much to follow.  We have been so busy between construction on the house and our "Event" Full September.  Couple of new things happening around here, that I can update everyone on!

1. FIRST!  Check out the new look of our blog.  Lindsay over at Scenic Glory designed it.  I found her one day, while blog "hopping" and I just love her style.  Not to mention, she is in the middle of chasing her dreams, refurbishing a vintage trailer who will be named Scarlet & Cream and functioning as a "Snack Shack", as she calls it.  It looks adorable!

2.  We had a crazy busy month of Rentals!  On top of my full time job, I had two VERY big weddings, where OSG not only provided ALL the place settings, but I also designed the stationery and logos.  Denise & Jorge's wedding was held at the Dodge Nature Center, in West St. Paul.  It was amazing.  Next, was Jacque & Gavin's down in DeSoto, IA.  It was held at Stonehaven barn, a 1920's refurbished barn.  Again, just amazing.  I will soon have photos to post!

3.  We haven't stopped hunting!  Now that I have 2 garages (one at my rental house, and one at the "fire" house) I haven't stopped filling them up.  Soon I will post all our new finds!  I'm even headed out today to get some more :)

4. Lastly, in between our 2 big weddings, one out of town wedding (where we actually got to be guests) and my trip to Montreal for my "day job", we celebrated Lucy's 3rd Birthday!  It was a little rainy, but perfect, none the less.  Her theme was rainbow, and we stop at nothing to turn every celebration into an event.  Kyle took the photos and Cocoa & Fig did the desserts (YUM-MO!).  I will post pics VERY soon!

Thanks for you patience, while we get our "feet" back on the ground around here.  I can promise it will be well worth the wait!

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