Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday "Fun" Day: New Finds

Well, we can't lie!  The summer got the best of us, and soon it was fall, and next thing we new it was Christmas.  Although, we stopped photographing inventory (don't ask me why), we did not stop adding awesome vintage-ness to our collection.  Today we spent the day, sorting organizing and "Tetris-ing" our storage space, and as we did we photographed many of our larger items that were absent from our site!  We still have quite a bit of photos to take of some more "smalls" (i.e. HUGE tarnished silver collection, milk jugs, milk glass, etc.)  Please take some time to cruise through our new inventory and let us know what you think!

Have a GREAT week!

p.s. I will be busy celebrating my birthday this week!  However, I will not stop hunting!

That's all for now!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for so much in 2011!!

As the end of 2011 approaches, we have so much to be thankful for.  On Solid Ground is slowly growing, along with our inventory.  Our family is healthy and Kyle and I are both working steady jobs with promising futures.  Lucy has started preschool, and comes home with new artwork and songs to sing everyday!  But most of all, we are thankful to be safe after the fire in our home in July.  Among the hundreds of thousands of dollars in belongings we did lose, we are unscathed and our family and pets have moved on as if nothing happened.  We are slowly re-collecting the important things we lost and I am rebuilding my wardrobe as Kyle is rebuilding his electronics.  The silver lining is beginning to appear on our dark, soot covered clouds and we couldn't be more excited about the future.

We hope to be in our home by the end of January, but at least by Valentine's Day.  As progress continues to be made, we will continue to document the changes and all the excited happening on the northside of Sheridan Ave.

Perhaps the biggest change to our home will be the re-configuration of our kitchen.  Finally our modern refrigerator will not have to stick out from the space that was built for a fridge in the 1920's.  We are expanding the cabinet space and updating everything to have a retro but modern feel.

Perhaps the biggest change in the kitchen is the portion of the wall that is coming down between the dining room and kitchen to open things and up and allow for the cabinets to move to the left wall, which was completely void of any storage in the past.  Although, I had hoped they could completely take the wall out, they had to leave some space for an air duct.  You can see but the pictures below how nice and open the space will now be.

This wall was the original spot for our sink therefore, we had the sink moved to the left wall under the large window.  The plumbing has already been roughed in to accommodate my large apron farm sink.

The basement is also taking on many changes.  We are expanding the bathroom to fit a tub shower combo (2nd full bathroom!).  We have also added a small linen closet in the bathroom hallway and expanded the closet on the right side of the basement to accommodate either my office and craft storage or my wardrobe.  We will see if I can stomach the idea of moving my wardrobe back downstairs after the trauma it suffered in the fire.  Some nice new can lights have been installed in Kyle's "man cave" space.

We hope to have drywall by the end of next week, so stay tuned!  Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Greatest Love on Earth ~ Dayna + Tom ~ June 19th, 2011

This past summer, I had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with several friends and my husband to create a magical wedding day for a dear friend of mine, Dayna.  The day was magical, the love was contagious, and it was completely pulled together by a passionate group of loving ladies!  The Circus theme was right up my alley, and I had a blast with many of my friends to create this AMAZING day!  I will let the photos speak for themselves!

Ceremony Location: Private Residence
Reception Location: The Varsity Theatre
Event Design and Stationery Design: Sarah Dreher from On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals and Friends
Photography: Kyle @ Landing Feet First Photography
Favors and Decor: Sarah @ On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals and Friends
Dress: BHLDN
Dessert Table, Accent Table, Flower runner containers, etc. rentals: On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedding in the Woods

In late October, we were lucky enough to be asked by photographers Jennifer Matrodam and Jessica Smith to participate in their fall photo shoot.  It was a beautiful day and a fabulous line up of vendors, and we were fortunate to be a part.  Just look at how perfect they captured our vintage rental goodies!

Photographers: Jennifer A Photography and Jessica Smith Photography  
Outdoor ceremony site / venue: The Woods Chapel
Desserts: Cocoa & Fig
Gowns, Jewelry & Men’s suits: The Wedding Shoppe
Hair & Make-up:  Julie Swenson from The Beauty Lounge 
Flowers: Sadies Floral
Stationary: MY Design
Models: Tristin, Elliott, Brooks, Hannah

Take note brides:  Popcorn bar = YUMMO!

And LOOK what they did with our vintage forks!  What a great way to get guests to their tables!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We've been BUSY! Whew!

Well, First I must apologize to ANYONE that follows my blog, because there just hasn't been much to follow.  We have been so busy between construction on the house and our "Event" Full September.  Couple of new things happening around here, that I can update everyone on!

1. FIRST!  Check out the new look of our blog.  Lindsay over at Scenic Glory designed it.  I found her one day, while blog "hopping" and I just love her style.  Not to mention, she is in the middle of chasing her dreams, refurbishing a vintage trailer who will be named Scarlet & Cream and functioning as a "Snack Shack", as she calls it.  It looks adorable!

2.  We had a crazy busy month of Rentals!  On top of my full time job, I had two VERY big weddings, where OSG not only provided ALL the place settings, but I also designed the stationery and logos.  Denise & Jorge's wedding was held at the Dodge Nature Center, in West St. Paul.  It was amazing.  Next, was Jacque & Gavin's down in DeSoto, IA.  It was held at Stonehaven barn, a 1920's refurbished barn.  Again, just amazing.  I will soon have photos to post!

3.  We haven't stopped hunting!  Now that I have 2 garages (one at my rental house, and one at the "fire" house) I haven't stopped filling them up.  Soon I will post all our new finds!  I'm even headed out today to get some more :)

4. Lastly, in between our 2 big weddings, one out of town wedding (where we actually got to be guests) and my trip to Montreal for my "day job", we celebrated Lucy's 3rd Birthday!  It was a little rainy, but perfect, none the less.  Her theme was rainbow, and we stop at nothing to turn every celebration into an event.  Kyle took the photos and Cocoa & Fig did the desserts (YUM-MO!).  I will post pics VERY soon!

Thanks for you patience, while we get our "feet" back on the ground around here.  I can promise it will be well worth the wait!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday "Fun" Day: New Finds

Although it has been quite a while, I am thrilled to share some of my finds that have accumlated over the last few weeks.  There are so many more items I have to photograph, but I had to share the multiple items that I have picked up in the last week, via Oronoco Flea Market, Craigslist and Thrift store finds.  Hope they touch your heart like they did mine. <3

~* Arnie's Parts Bin *~
Wouldn't this be GREAT for favors, or place cards, or even cookies and candy!

~* Curtiss Candies Stand *~
I love the idea of lining place cards on each shelf in this adorable stand.  
OR use it as it was intended; a Candy Stand!

~* Frenchie's Chair *~
This darling chair is from a vintage Eathan Allen Collection.  I think it is so perfect and what a yummy velvet color!  I only wish I had two of them.

~* Elizabeth's Sofa*~

The cabbage rose pattern is simple and not overbearing.  It is a 7' couch with enough room for everyone!
Wouldn't this make a great "rest" area next to the dance floor?

~* Sofia and Earl Bench *~
Quite possibly my most favorite find to date!  Is it a love seat, a settee or 2 chairs? 
 Well, Its all of the above.

~* Ed's Ole Camp Stool *~
Perfect just scattered around a fire.  I am determined to find more of these :)

That is all I have for now!  

Have a GREAT week!